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Custom-made polka dot balloons

I love polka dot print balloons and like to use them a lot in my work as a balloon artist in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire.

More and more often, I found that the colour combinations I wanted simply weren't available to buy. So I started to experiment with a few ideas I'd had to create my own polka dots.

As with many experiments, my first attempts weren't altogether successful. Eventually I developed a technique I was happy with and that resulted in consistently shaped spots.

Being able to make your own spotty colour combinations is a great way to add value to your designs. It also means you don't have to buy a large quantity of polka dot print balloons when you really only need a handful of them.

I share this technique for the first time in my new training series, Halloween Haunts, available via the Tutorials page of the Balloon Artworks' app or via my website here:


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