Aqua balloon training videos

A series of 17 'how to' training videos specifically for Aqua balloon bubbles.

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Aqua Balloon training videos Balloon Art

The first comprehensive Aqua balloons online training course including air-filled and helium designs:

Here's what's included:

  • 100 minutes' of step-by-step tutorials by Melanie Allen CBA

  • 17 video episodes - most are between 3 and 5 minutes

  • Download and keep your purchased videos

  • How to inflate Aqua balloons

  • How to size your Aqua balloon bubbles correctly

  • How to make confetti Aqua balloons

  • How to create 'snow' effects inside an Aqua bubble - there's more than one way!

  • How to add colour to your Aqua balloon bubbles

  • How to use glitter with Aqua balloons

  • How to add lights to Aqua balloon bubbles

  • How to use vinyl on Aqua balloons

  • How to incorporate water in your Aqua balloon designs

  • How to add feathers to Aqua balloons

  • How to create special effects, such as floating objects inside Aqua balloons

Hi everyone


I've created my Aqua Balloon Techniques training videos after requests from balloon artists from outside the UK. I'm very  aware of how time-pressured we all are and these videos are perfect for balloon artists wanting to learn about the lovely Aqua balloons, but who haven't got the time to attend face-to-face training - if that's even available in your area.

The training is structured in easy-to-follow video episodes which means you can work through the course in short bursts. It's clear which techniques are covered in each episode, so if you want to recap on a particular technique at a later date, you can easily find what you're looking for.

The Aqua bubbles are very different to the Deco bubbles, which I also love. It's important to know the differences between the two and which product and technique best suits your client's needs.

I really hope you enjoy my Aqua bubble training course.


* We reserve the right to change the hosting arrangements for our instructional videos at any time and will notify you via email with details of any alternative arrangements for the hosting of purchased videos.