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New series: Bubble ABC

In the year since I brought out my Aqua Balloon Techniques series, I've developed many more new techniques for use with bubble-type balloons. I'm excited to be sharing these techniques with you now for the first time in my new series: Bubble ABC - advanced techniques for air-filled designs using Aqua Balloons, Bobos and Clearz.

As this series focuses on advanced techniques, if you're new to working with bubble-type balloons, you might want to check out my Aqua Balloon Techniques series first as this series lays a lot of the groundwork for Bubble ABC.

Not all the techniques I use are universally applicable across the different types of bubble balloon, so I'll guide you through which techniques can be used with the Aqua Balloons, the Bobos and the Clearz.

I'm excited to be sharing my snowfall technique for creating movement inside the balloon - this technique took quite a bit of experimentation to get the results I wanted - good job I like a challenge!

For more details and to watch a trailer for my new series, go to:


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