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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Much Does a Balloon Installation Cost?

We publish prices for a wide range of balloon decor items and installations in our Price Guide here.  All installations are priced based on size, complexity of technique and rigging requirements.

When you contact us, it's important to let us know what budget you have allocated for your balloon decor.  Please note that asking us to create an installation larger than we originally quoted for will affect the price.

Please note that our minimum order for delivery is £175 plus our delivery charge.

How Long Will My Balloon Decorations Last?

This is a really difficult question to answer as there are so many factors that affect how long your balloon decorations will last.  These include whether the installation is indoors or outdoors.  Outdoor installations have a very short life-expectancy and you can only realistically expect them to look good for a day - any longer than that is a bonus. 


Climate is also a big factor, particularly if we're enjoying a particularly hot spell.  The environment in which you keep your balloon decorations and what they have to withstand  plays an important part too.  For example, an installation in a conservatory that is warm during the day and cold at night is going to adversely affect the longevity of your balloon decor. 


Equally, an installation in a busy reception or a high-footfall area of a shopping centre is not going to last as long as an installation in a quieter area - you may find that balloons in the section of your display between waist-height and shoulder-height are damaged as people brush past your display and catch the balloons with shoulder-bags or clothing.

For our balloon installations, we use high-quality industry-leading balloon brands, which are stronger and retain their shape and colour for longer than cheaper balloons which can be found online.  As we do not have control over the many and varied factors affecting the lifespan of a balloon installation, we cannot guarantee the period of time that a balloon installation will last.

Will You Remove Our Installation After Our Event?

If we arrange to return to dismantle your balloon decor, this will be noted on your invoice.  If your installation has been created using a framework or stand, then we will return to dismantle your decor at an agreed date and time and to collect our equipment.

Please note that equipment used to support your balloon installation remains the property of Manor Consultancy Group Ltd (trading as Balloon Artworks) and must be returned to us after your event.  Failure to do so will result in additional charges as detailed on our invoice.

How Far In Advance Do I Need to Book My Balloon Decor?

Every one of our designs and installations is custom-made to order, so the sooner we can start to discuss your vision for your event, the better.  Also, we are at our most creative when we have a few weeks to work on your design and come up with something really special.

Please also bear in mind that, as a result of the pandemic, the balloon industry continues to experience supply issues and many product lines have been out-of-stock for many months.  As a result, we'll agree a colour pallet and theme with you, but we cannot guarantee to source exact colour shades or specific balloons.

Can I Have My Balloon Decorations Delivered?

Absolutely!  We have a minimum order of £175 to qualify for delivery.  Delivery within a strict 3-mile radius of DE5 3EA is free.  Delivery within 3-10 miles of DE5 3EA is £25.  If your event is more than 10 miles away, please ask us for a quote for delivery.  Additional fees may apply for jobs that require multiple vehicles and staff - we will advise you if this is the case when we provide you with a quotation.

Can I Collect My Balloon Decorations?

Sorry, we are often on-site at venues setting up balloon installations or out-and-about delivering balloon decor to our clients.  As a result, we have decided against having a retail outlet and therefore we not open to the public.

Can I Put Balloon Decor Anywhere?

Pretty much ... although it does depend on the sort of balloon decor or installation you want to have.  Balloon installations fare better indoors than outdoors, but in the right weather and for a short time, an outdoor balloon arch or balloon installation can look great.

We will ask you to let us have photos of where you want to place your balloon installation.  This helps us judge size and how we can rig your balloon installation, or whether we will need to provide a supporting framework for your installation.

How Long Does It Take to Set Up a Balloon Installation?

If you've booked one of our giant number displays, these can be delivered to your doorstep or venue and be unpacked and set up fairly quickly.  For balloon installations, we usually ask you to allow at least 2 hours for set-up.  For large installations, we'll bring some balloons ready-inflated and we will inflate the rest of the balloons we need for your display on-site at your venue.  For this type of large installation, we might need a day or more for set-up - we'll let you know at the time of quoting how long we're likely to need.

Please note that it is your responsibility as the client to liaise with your venue to ensure we can have access at the agreed time for setting up.  Any delay in accessing your venue by our team could compromise the final look of your display.

Can I Pay by Cash?

We only accept electronic payments.  We will always issue you with an invoice detailing the balloon decor you have ordered together with the price.  We never accept payment in cash.

Do You Do Charity Events?

As a business aligned to the party industry, we are often asked to support charity events for free.  Whilst we have done this in the past for a number of local causes, we are no longer able to support charities in this way due to the volume of requests we receive on a daily basis.  Instead, we have chosen to support good causes that are close to our hearts.

Do You Do Balloon Releases?

No, this is something we have never done.  In the interests of the environment, it is Balloon Artworks' policy not to undertake balloon releases.  We believe there are better ways to create the impact clients want from a balloon release, without creating litter.

Do You Do Helium Balloons?

Here at Balloon Artworks, we specialize in creating air-filled balloon art, which we believe gives us the most creative freedom.  We do use helium balloon gas  when the design or our client requires it, but this represents a small proportion of our business.

Most people refer to helium-filled balloons, but the gas used in balloons is more correctly termed 'helium balloon gas', which is a mix of helium and air.  It is classed as a 'dirty' gas and is a by-product of the helium gas industry.  Balloon gas cannot be used for science/medical or academic applications.

You should never inhale helium or balloon gas from a balloon or from a gas tank, as this is extremely dangerous and can cause asphyxiation and death.

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