Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you attend charity and fundraising events?

Balloon Artworks can provide balloon modelling and balloon decor services for your event, whether it's a charity ball, fundraising event, village fete, school fete, local festival or county show.

As a business aligned to the entertainment industry, we are often asked to attend charity events for free.  Whilst we have done this in the past for a number of local causes, we are no longer able to support charities in this way due to the volume of requests we receive on a daily basis.  Instead, we have chosen to support a number of good causes which are close to our hearts.

Discounted rate

We do offer a discounted rate to charities, subject to availability.  Charities and good causes booking our balloon modelling services at this discounted rate are able to generate funds by charging customers for the balloon models we make at their event. 


Please note that if you book us on this basis, Balloon Artworks staff will not handle any cash on your behalf and the charity or good cause will need to provide their own staff or volunteers to handle payments from customers.

Do you do balloon releases?

In the interests of the environment, it is Balloon Artworks' policy not to undertake balloon releases. 

We believe there are better ways to create the impact customers want from a balloon release, without creating litter.

Disclosure certificate and DBS checks

Understandably, you may want to check whether the balloon artist or children's entertainer you are inviting to your event has a criminal record.

Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) checks are now known as Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks. 


Only people undertaking certain types of jobs are able to obtain a DBS check via their employer or licensing body.


Balloon artists and children's entertainers are not required to be DBS-checked and, in fact, they cannot obtain a DBS check on themselves. 


However, balloon artists and children's entertainers can obtain a 'basic disclosure' from Disclosure Scotland which shows any 'unspent' criminal convictions the person may have in the UK.  'Unspent' means the person needs to declare them.


Ask us for our certificate

Balloon Artworks is happy to provide a copy of the basic disclosure certificates obtained via Disclosure Scotland for our balloon artists to any customer who requires them.

Do you use helium?

Here at Balloon Artworks, we specialize in creating air-filled designs and balloon art, which we believe gives us more creative freedom.  

We do use helium balloon gas  when the design or our customer requires it, but this represents a tiny proportion of our business.

Most people refer to helium-filled balloons, but the gas used in balloons is more correctly termed 'helium balloon gas', which is a mix of helium and air.

You should never inhale helium or balloon gas from a balloon or from a gas tank, as this is extremely dangerous and can cause asphyxiation and death.