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Is this the Best Digital Balloon Inflator?

User Review of CD-608 Digital Balloon Inflator

Here's my guide to some of the main things you need to know about the CD-608 electric balloon inflator with programmable timer to enable precise balloon inflation. All opinions are my own based on my experience of using this machine over several months.

When I was growing up there was an advert on TV of entrepreneur, Victor Kiam, saying that he liked the Remington razor so much that he bought the company. Well, I can't make the same claim, but I did like the CD-608 digital balloon inflator so much that I bought a second one ... here's why ....

1. Speed of Inflation

The CD-608 balloon inflator is incredibly quick to inflate and significantly quicker than my other digital balloon inflator which is marketed to professional balloon stylists and decorators - it's also priced accordingly for the pro market!

CD-608 is available to buy here (the following are affiliate links #commissionearned):

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

2. Precise Balloon Inflation

The CD-608 inflator dispenses air via two outlets on top of the machine. The inflator dispenses an amount of air based on a programmable timer. The setting selected is shown on a digital display and the timer or setting can be changed by using the plus or minus buttons to increase or decrease the length of time the inflator dispenses air into the balloon. A handy counter in the centre of the display panel also keeps a tally of how many balloons you have inflated.

Increasing the number on the setting or timer, increases the length of time air is dispensed and the balloon is inflated to a larger size. Conversely, reducing the number on the timer results in a balloon that is inflated to a smaller size.

The outlets can be fine-tuned further by using two pink knobs which result in another reading showing on the digital display of between 0 and 20. Turning the pink knobs in a clockwise direction increases the number (to a maximum of 20) and turning the knobs anticlockwise reduces the number (to a minimum of zero). Adjusting the setting via the pink knobs allows the user to fine-tune the amount of air dispensed so you are able to inflate balloons to exactly the size you require.

The benefit of a precision digital balloon inflator like the CD-608 is that, once the inflator has been correctly programmed, balloons can be inflated to the same consistent size time after time. Also, two balloons can be inflated to the same size at the same time and tied to form a 'duplet' without the need to use a balloon sizing box. This makes the process of creating classic balloon decor, such as a traditional balloon arch, much quicker and more efficient.

3. Separately Programmable Outlets

A further and surprising advantage of the CD-608 is that each outlet can be programmed separately, so it is possible to inflate two balloons to different sizes at the same time. For example, you can programme one outlet to inflate a balloon to 9 inches and the other outlet to inflate a balloon to 7 inches. There are many instances in the life of a balloon stylist where this facility is a great advantage.

4. No Vibration

When I'm buying a balloon inflator, minimal vibration from the machine is one of my top priorities as I have had surgery in the past for both Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Cubital Tunnel Syndrome and I am sensitive to the vibrations from balloon inflators. If the vibrations from a balloon inflator are too strong, this can trigger the recurrence of my symptoms.

One of the things I like most about the CD608 electric balloon inflator is that I feel no vibrations from the machine despite it being such a powerful inflator. The CD608 is now my preferred pump for precision balloon inflation, particularly for classic balloon decorations, such as spiral garland balloon arches where the balloons need to be inflated to a consistent size throughout the display.

4. Push-Button and Foot Pedal Control

The CD-608 electric balloon inflator provides two options for initiating inflation. Firstly, there is a green button located on the casing which is easy to reach close to one of the air outlets. This makes inflation super easy.

Alternatively, the machine comes with a foot pedal or treadle switch for users who prefer to initiate inflation this way. Personally, I find it easier to use the green button and avoid the trailing wire to the foot pedal on the floor.

5. What Size Balloons Will the CD-608 Inflate?

The CD-608 digital inflator inflates all sizes of round latex balloons from 5 inches upwards. The CD608 also inflates latex heart balloons of all sizes, as well as Quick-Link, Link-o-Loon and other linky-balloons of all sizes.

6. Will the CD-608 Inflate Double-Stuffed Balloons?

The short answer is a resounding 'Yes!' The CD-608 even comes with two metal rods that can be screwed into the casing of the machine to enable users to easily and quickly double-stuff their balloons. The CD-608 is a powerful balloon inflator and it easily inflates double-stuffed balloons of all sizes. The two rods are a little over 4 inches apart, so this is another way you can size small balloons to this size should you wish to do so.

7. Is the CD608 Worth the Money?

I'm not going to sit on the fence here! In my view, the CD-608 balloon inflator is definitely worth the money. It is many times cheaper than the price of a professional-level digital balloon inflator. The CD608 is extremely affordable and represents great value for money. My opinion is based entirely on my personal experience of buying and using two different CD-608 inflators in my business as a professional balloon artist and stylist.

Plus, the CD608 has a few features that the pro-machines don't yet have, including:

  • Outlets that can be programmed separately

  • Metal rods to enable speedy double-stuffing

  • Both push-button and foot pedal inflation options

The CD-608 also comes with a handy, protective carry-case.

For current prices, check out these links:

CD-608 is available to buy here (affiliate links #commissionearned):

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

These are affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Other Things to Be Aware Of When Considering the CD-608 Inflator

A. Adaptor Plug Needed for Some Countries

Depending on which country you live in, you may need to purchase an adaptor plug as the CD-608 is fitted with a US-style 2-pin plug. Here's where I bought my plug adaptor for the UK (affiliate link #commissionearned):

B. Does the CD-608 Inflate Twisting Balloons?

I haven't had any success in getting the CD608 to inflate Qualatex or Sempertex/Betallatex 260 twisting or modelling balloons. I suspect it will inflate the very thin twisting balloons, which I don't use or recommend. The CD-608 will inflate 350 twisting balloons.

If you're a balloon twister, the CD-608 is not the best option available to you.

C. New Plastic Smell

When I first unpacked both my CD-608 inflators and started to use them, there was a bit of a whiff of new plastic, but I found this disappears after a couple of weeks.

D. Warm

The plastic casing of the machine gets warm to the touch but not hot.

E. Potential for User-Error

As I see it, the biggest downside of the CD-608 is the potential for user-error, particularly amongst DIY or hobbyist users who may not have used a precision inflator before and may not yet be aware of some aspects of working with balloons. For example, a latex balloon with a pearl finish will not inflate to the same size as a standard/fashion colour balloon despite using the same setting. In this instance, a conclusion could be reached that the inflator is not working correctly, when actually the timer setting simply needs to be adjusted.

F. Manual is in Chinese

The manual that comes with the machine is written in Chinese. To help you get started with your CD-608 inflator, I have produced a video where I explain how the inflator works and some of the tips I've learned from working with these inflators for some time now. Watch it here:

G. Calibration (or working out your settings)

As with all digital inflators, there is a need to calibrate the inflator yourself. The manufacturer does not provide a list of standard settings or timings. You will need to working out the timings or settings yourself through a process of 'trial and error'. Once you have worked out the setting to inflate a balloon to a particular size, I recommend you keep a list of your own calibrations.

I have included below the settings I use for both my CD-608 inflators. There may be variations between machines, but I find these settings work for me. I would suggest these as a starting point and you will be able to adjust for your own machine and maintain your own list of calibrations. I shall update this section from time to time as I add more of my preferred settings.

A Guide to Calibrating Your CD608 - My Favourite Settings

I'll keep this section updated from time to time as I develop more settings.

To Inflate to:

Uninflated Size

Timer Setting (programme with +/- buttons)

Fine-Tune Setting (use pink knobs)


9 inches

11 inch balloon



9 inches

Double stuffed 11 inch balloons


8 inches

11 inch balloon


7 inches

11 inch balloon



I've also used: 0.4 plus 15

6.5 inches

11 inch balloon



6 inches

11 inch balloon



I've also used: 0.2 plus 18-20

5.5 inches

11 inch balloon



5 inches

11 inch balloon



4.5 inches

5 inch balloon



Using pointy nozzles

3.5 inches

5 inch balloon


Using pointy nozzles

Find Out More About the CD-608 Electric Balloon Inflator here:

Where to buy the CD-608:

CD-608 is available to buy here (affiliate links #commissionearned):

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


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