Video Help

How to access the video series you have purchased.

My website is automated to enable you to have immediate access to the video series you have purchased.  If you need any help, here's my trouble-shooting guide.

Step 1: Check your email Spam folder for your purchase confirmation

You should receive a receipt by email confirming your purchase. This email sometimes lands in your Spam Folder, so please check your Spam Folder to see if it's there.

Once you have paid, you can access your videos immediately via my website. Please note video links are not emailed to you. Here's what you need to do.

Step 2: Log out, then log back in

First log out. Then log back in to your account on Balloon Artworks' website. Here's where you can find the log-in icon on any page.

Login icon location.jpg
Login from sign up page.jpg

Step 3: Go to Members' Area

Hover over the  Members' Area tab and a drop-down list will appear. Select the video series you have purchased from the drop-down list.  

Please note that if you click on the Members' Area tab, you will get a message saying 'subscriber only content'.

Balloon Artworks video series help page.

If you get the message 'This page is available only for subscribers', this is because of one of the following reasons:

1.  You are not properly logged in - try logging out and logging back in.

2.  You are trying to access a video series which you have not purchased.


3.  You are trying to access a video series which you purchased over 3 months ago (or over 6 months ago for purchases after 24 February 2020).

or over 6 months

Access via my website to videos purchased is for 3 MONTHS ONLY (or 6 MONTHS ONLY for purchases after 24 February 2020). You can download a copy of video purchases anytime during this period. However, after that time, you lose access to the videos via this website. If you have not downloaded and kept your own copy, you will have to purchase the videos again.

Subs only message.png

Step 4: Download your videos & save a copy

You have access to your videos for 3 months from the date of purchase (or for 6 months for purchases after 24 February 2020). During this time you can download your videos and I recommend you do this straight away so that you have your own copy to watch at any time. 

Once the access period has lapsed, you will no longer have access to these videos via my website. If you choose not to download your own copy of the videos during this access period, I will not be able to provide access to the videos or send you a copy after the access period has lapsed and you will have to buy the videos again.


Please ensure you download and save your own copy of the videos within 3 months of purchasing (or within 6 months for purchases after 24 February 2020).

Click 'Play video' then click the download icon shown below.

Video download instructions in English G

* We reserve the right to change the hosting arrangements for our instructional videos at any time and will notify you via email with details of any alternative arrangements for the hosting of purchased videos.