Amazing balloon modelling for Christmas parties

December 11, 2017


Hiring a skilled balloon modeller with a wide repertoire will ensure your guests talk about your Christmas party for years to come. Mention balloon modelling and most people think of a balloon dog, but balloon models can be so much more intricate and entertaining. 


Extend the memory life of your Christmas party


Balloons in the right hands have the ability to ensure your Christmas event lives long in your guests' memories.


Ensure your balloon modeller’s repertoire includes Christmas-themed balloon models, including Santa, elves, Rudolph and his reindeer friends, Christmas trees, snowmen, hobby horses, candy canes and, of course, the ever-popular penguins.



Christmas balloon models


An experienced balloon modeller is likely to have more than one version of each model in their repertoire – we’ve lost count of how many different types of penguin balloon models we can make!


It’s also important that your balloon modeller is up-to-date with the latest popular film characters – particularly for children’s Christmas parties, whether it’s Anna and Elsa, or Olaf or Sven. See more of our Christmas-themed balloons.



Fascinating for your guests - the young and the young at heart


Be prepared for your adult guests to love the balloon models too. It’s not unusual for our clients to ask us to stay longer at a party than they had originally booked because their adult guests want balloon models too.


If your balloon twister knows what they are doing, they’ll be able to keep your guests happy and engaged for hours.


Once your guests see the detailed balloon models being made, they will track down your balloon modeller to watch the balloons being made.


People find balloon modelling fascinating and always want to know how it’s done. Of course, the answer is that it takes many, many hours and lots of popped balloons to become a skilled balloon modeller.



Latest film and TV characters


And that’s just the beginning. One of the things we love most about balloon modelling is that we are constantly coming up with new designs to add to the wide range of balloon models we make at parties and events.


There’s always a new film or TV character to master to ensure we wow your guests every time.


The thing people tell us most often is that they haven’t seen balloons like hours before. Our aim is to ensure this continues to be the case. Read our 5-star customer reviews.



Keep your young guests happy


It’s really important to ensure your party gets off to a flying start and one way to ensure this happens is to ask your balloon modeller to bring with them a bag of pre-made balloons so that every child gets a balloon model at the very start of your Christmas party, or as soon as your balloon modeller arrives.


We find that children at parties don’t mind watching and waiting for their balloon model to be made, but if you have a party for 20-40 children, it’s going to be a little while before some children get a balloon.