Hiring a balloon artist to decorate your event - what to look for

August 16, 2017



In this second part of our two-part blog, we focus on the balloon decorator and will try to help you understand the skills involved in balloon decorating and how to choose the right balloon artist for your special event or celebration.


You have the date and venue booked for your special event, but how do you make your event really stand out and live long in your guests' memories so that your event is the talking point for months to come.


Maybe you've got a theme in mind, but just how are you going to create the effect you want


Most people don't realize there are different types of balloon art and the type of artist you need depends upon what you want them to do.


Creating art from balloons


Balloons are incredibly versatile and, in the right hands, can be used to create just about any theme, scene or backdrop you have in mind, from princess carriages, flower wall photo backdrops to life-size bride and groom sculptures that really do look like the actual bride and groom.


Size of venue


The bigger the venue space you need to fill, the more likely balloons will be a good option for you as they are the most cost effective way to fill a big space. 


Creating the right effect for your event will take time, so be prepared to allocate 10-15% of your total budget on balloon decor.


Helium versus air-filled balloons


It isn't all about helium. Some of the most amazing balloon creations are made using only air-filled balloons.


Forget the trio of helium-filled balloons as table centre pieces. Dare to be different and see how amazed your guests will be.


Where to get help designing your scheme?


You'll need to look for a balloon artist who is skilled in balloon decorating and who has undertaken appropriate training in this area.  Both Qualatex and NABAS (The National Association of Balloon Artists and Suppliers) organize training courses on wedding and event decor, so make sure your balloon artist has attended appropriate training with these or with similarly reputable training providers.


An understanding of design


It's important that your balloon artist understands the principles and elements of design.  Have you ever looked at something like a floral arrangement or table centre piece and thought that it just didn't look right, but you didn't know why.


That's because there are some basic principles that all good design needs to adhere to and if these principles aren't observed, the design looks 'off' and visually unappealing.


So make sure your decorator knows about the principles of design (unity, harmony, proportion, scale, balance and rhythm) and the elements of design (form, line, space, texture and colour), otherwise you may be disappointed with the result.


Creative ideas


The best balloon artists tend to have a great deal of creative flair and like nothing better than coming up with new ideas and new designs to reflect the theme or colour scheme of your event.


Does your balloon artist listen to your ideas and make creative suggestions based on what you've said?  Or do they seem to have preconceived ideas and want to stick to tried-and-tested designs?




Pinterest is a great way to share your ideas and inspiration with your designer and, together, you can create an amazing mood board.  Thanks to Pinterest and the internet, it's never been easier to find inspiration and share your ideas.  Make sure your balloon artist is open to working this way if this is how you want to collaborate.


Open and easy communication


It's vital to have good and easy communication with your balloon artist. If you have a preferred means of communicating, make sure you let your balloon artist know what it is.


Emails, particularly ones with attachments, are prone to getting caught in spam filters, so you may prefer to use Facebook Messenger and it's important that your balloon artists is flexible enough to communicate with you via your preferred channel.


It's a really good idea to ensure you have alternative ways of contacting your balloon artist. 


Make sure you have a mobile number for your balloon artist, not just a landline.  By the very nature of their work, balloon artists are out-and-about at venues and events for a considerable amount of their time, so it's important that you can reach them when they are mobile.



Hiring a balloon artist - watch our video here